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VIP Salon

At Laseit VIP Salon our clients sometimes know exactly what they want; a blonde on blonde like Jessica Alba or Nicole Ritchie or two tone vanilla and chocolate bob from a Versace runway show, ooh la la. Almost everyone who walks through our doors wants at least a little MAGIC. Just coming to our eclectic salons will be more...

Electrolysis, Laser & Beauty Institute

The Laseit Electrolysis and Beauty Institute offers a comprehensive curriculum of laser physics theory along with hands-on laser hair removal training. Included are advanced application methods which make permanent reduction of facial and body hair an interesting and educational experience. Discover more...

Laser Hair Removal & DOT Therapy

Laser Hair Removal is quickly becoming one of the easiest and most convenient; more...

DOT Therapy is the ideal approach for skin rejuvenation.  During the procedure; more...

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Welcome to Laseit

Here at Lasiet Corp our professionals work as a team to effectively performing its overall functions in offering services and products that address your best health and balance.

Our highly trained team offers a comprehensive selection of the most innovative cosmetic and laser treatments, tailored to your unique needs.

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