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Radio Frequency Treatments

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Wrinkles and loose skin can take its toll on your looks. Even healthy and active people eventually show signs of aging on their faces. Since it's the most important visual feature of your body-the one that most people will recognize you by-it's important to keep your face fresh and youthful. More and more people have tried face lifts over the years to combat wrinkles and skin imperfections. Though often successful, traditional face lifts require minor surgery and prolonged recovery periods. There's increasing demand for non-surgical techniques to refresh facial appearances. That's where radio frequency face lifts come into play.

Originally developed by Thermage, the Thermacool face lift is a thermal procedure that uses radio frequency waves to reconstruct the deep tissue layers beneath the skin. This hot new trend in non-surgical face lifts is becoming a popular maintenance technique for people who are not yet ready for a full face lift.

A radio frequency emitter is pressed up against the skin. These radio waves get past the outer skin layers and deliver heat energy to the muscles and tissues beneath. The heat helps to contract these layers and build up collagen levels. The overall result tightens up the outer layers of skin and reduces wrinkling effects. Since there's a lot of heat involved, some cooling must be applied to the skin at the same time. Most devices have a cooling mist of water built right into them to keep the skin from burning. Despite this, most patients still experience discomfort, swelling, and skin irritation in the following days. These side-effects can be treated with prescription painkillers.

The radio frequency face lift was approved by the FDA as a non-surgical treatment for wrinkles and facial skin imperfections. It is a proven medical procedure that requires no scalpels or sutures. Its effects, however, are limited compared to a full face lift surgery. That's because radio energy is not as accurate when attempting to re-sculpt a person's face. Ultimately, the procedure is more attractive as a maintenance treatment for younger patients who are showing initial signs of aging. By using a radio frequency face lift, these people can avoid needing a full-fledged face lift later on in life.

It's also a popular choice for busy professionals who care about their looks. The treatment only takes about an hour, and full recovery is expected in a few days. The results take a bit of time to show fully though. Some results are visible immediately, while the full results take a few months to develop as the deep tissue layers heal.

Talk to a surgeon today about a radio frequency face lift. It's not the best choice for everyone so make sure it's right for you by setting up a consultation. You could be on your way to an invigorated new look in just an hour!



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